Saturday, 8 March 2008

I've been very naughty...but paid the price today!

I ordered a few Magnolia stamps this week when I said I was going to watch my spending...tut tut. I did all the housework and washing last night in case postie was kind enough to bring my goodies today.

I was woken by my husband who had a parcel for Tilda's had arrived. So I got dressed after cooing over them in bed (not sure I should really be telling you that!) and got myself ready for a day of card making.

Hubby had other ideas though :( Whilst I was out of the way he decided to make a start on clearing his area. He sculpts wargaming miniatures, is incredibly dis-organised and we share the space (opposite ends of the table). So there was "his" stuff everywhere, at one point I was barricaded at one end of the room pleading for him to let me out so that I could "powder my nose"! Two and a half hours later he was finished. We ate lunch, which "he" made and then I started stamping up my new Tilda's.

Just as I was finding my mojo our sixteen year old announces that she needs help cutting some bits out for homework using "my" Big Shot! I asked her to give me a mo and duly packed all my stamps away ;( Well nothing is ever as simple as it seems. She needed lots of trees, grass and a gingerbread house but couldn't define how many lots was! As she is visually impaired I had to give her a lot of help. After two hours she was flagging and said "lets carry on tomorrow" (oh dear and there was me hoping I could get it out of the way in one hit). It has now transpired that she will need a total of 1 Gingerbread House, 33 pieces of grass and 57 trees as she is making a book with twelve A4 pages!!!

Anyway by the time all this was done with and I had all my stamps out again it was dinner time! So to cut a long story short, one card has taken me twelve and a half hours to make today...I'm pleased with it though as it's for my other daughter's 10th Birthday.

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ink'n'rubba said...

fabulous card for your daughter's birthday, you have a knack of putting the pretty papers together, something I struggle with!