Saturday, 1 March 2008

It's arrived... replacement Magnolia stamp. I was unfortunate enough to recieve a poorly cut summer tree in my last order. Thankfully Joanna Sheen is a star and managed to track down another for me. Her service is second to none and I would recommend her site to anyone.

Last night myself and Rik went out on the town with a few friends to see a couple of local punk-ish bands. We moved on to the local nightclub where people started to get a little bit silly so Rik and I decided to return home at a very respectable 1am. We walked in to be greeted by a huge row which lasted until eh? I kinda wished we stayed out a bit longer now but it would still need sorting so better to get it over with. This morning our world is still a little tense so I have immersed myself in a spot of card making just to reset my balance.

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