Thursday, 12 June 2008

At last I have some time to breathe

Life has been a little busy for me this week so not had much time for crafting.

Daughter 1 has been busy with GCSEs and revision this week.

Daughter 2 is always busy but right now she is at a film night so at least I have a little "quiet" time.

My Son is now at the Download festival and in the true tradition of "men" needed to have his entire weekend away organised (and Rucksack packed) by Mum.

He is sharing a tent with a college friend whose Step Father forgot to pack the waterproofing for the tent. Thankfully tents are for sale on site and I packed bin liners (which my son raised his eyebrows over) so they should stay dry-ish.

Daughter 2's teacher is due to have a baby in the summer holidays (which I mentioned in a previous post) and this is the Baby Bouquet we made for her. I ducked out of taking it in for her and left Hubby to deal with the blubbing!

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