Sunday, 11 November 2007

I wish I was...

making some cards but what with the weather and having an enjoyable day off yesterday I have my nose firmly to the grindstone today. I have huge mountains of laundry to do but I seem to be losing the battle with regards to getting it dry. The long cold grey days are doing nothing to aid the situation, the dryer just isn't suited to most of the school uniform but will be working overtime for everything else! I love my girls dearly but wish they wouldn't wear so many clothes, then again my son doesn't stop wearing his and the air has got somewhat pungent in the past...yuck!

My seventeen year old is sprucing himself up as I type. He is off to a gig tonight with his girlfriend. They have arranged to meet with some friends so that they can window shop beforehand? Isn't it funny how the hygiene levels change dramatically when there is a love interest...thank goodness I say!

Anyway, far more interesting than photographing huge piles of laundry I thought that you might like to see a creation from yesterday using a Magnolia stamp, watercolours and H2o's. I am seriously wondering what I am doing wrong with my colouring technique.

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